The Red Hen is Off the Nest

NHRedMy last blog entry was the manifesto for The Red Hen Association of Self-Publishing Authors. The manifesto is a statement of the vision and purpose. I can tell that I’ve hit the right chord with the authors because so many of you are stepping forward and want to participate. So let me bring you up to speed on where we are at this moment:

  1. Of course, the manifesto has been written and published on this blog. I’m hoping that others will pick it up and pass it around, hint, hint.
  2. While we are not yet ready to accept memberships, we should be in a week or less.
  3. We are ironing out the legal stuff by meeting with our attorney tomorrow.
  4. We’ve discussed the structure of the organization and are taking steps to formalize the company.
  5. We’ve been spreading the word to the experts we know who can aid authors to see if they are interested in coming on board.
  6. I’ve been thinking about and creating lists of rights and responsibilities of vendors. Certified suppliers will have to meet certain criteria before they could be recommended.
  7. I created a Red Hen group on Facebook, and would encourage interested authors to look it up and join, this way I can keep you updated regularly, plus we can have discussions about things like certification criteria. Through interaction we can learn from each other and find the best ways to meet the goals of the Association. Your input is vital.
  8. The logo is being developed. The red hen picture above is not the official logo, but it will do as a place holder for the time being.
  9. I’m thinking that surveys will be an excellent method of gathering information. I want to survey our members every time they use a recommended vendor to determine their levels of satisfaction.  Again, we learn from one another. If a vendor pops up as a problem too often they will be eliminated from the list. We have to protect each other from the predators. For example, within the last few months I was hired by BookWise a publisher’s support company to find the best printing price for a book they were handling. The author was an extremely personable woman from Texas who had gotten entangled with a questionable firm. After shelling out $40 Thousand Dollars, she had nothing to show for it. Once she moved her book over to BookWise they were able to do the whole thing for around one quarter the cost and she had a garage full of beautiful books to market. I hate to think ill of people, but there are those who would bleed you dry and give nothing but empty promises in return.
  10. We are investigating alternative marketing methods, in addition to the tried and true. We want authors to have the best chances of selling their books. This will be ongoing, like most of the things we are doing. The Red Hen Association will be dynamic and proactive in seeking opportunities for self-publishing authors.
  11. The blog site will be up this week and hopefully we will be ready with an opt-in program to receive the newsletter. Between the blog, newsletter, Facebook group, Twitter, and any other methods of communication that may come around, we will be able to keep members informed. After all, communication, is the life blood. Hey, I just thought of Twitter. I’ll open a Red Hen account as soon as I finish this blog entry.

I’m certain I’ve forgotten something important, but I can add it to another blog, Facebook, or Twitter for you all to follow. Thank you very much for your support. As you see we have a big job to do and have given ourselves a short time frame to do it. Any suggestions will be gratefully received–and that includes spelling or grammar corrections. I’m editable.

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