The Way Out of Dread

Yesterday was an eye-opener for me. Have you ever sat in a chair and purposefully relaxed all of your muscles in your body bit-by-bit? If you’ve done it what did you notice afterward? For me I seem to hold a lot of stress, and when I let it go, I’m always surprised at how much I store all the time. It’s possible to lie in a bed and still hold tension in your body. Yesterday was a little like that. I was invited to attend a training seminar hosted by Kevin Hall, former partner in Franklin-Covey planners, and now book author. Kevin thought I might benefit and boy was he right.

You see, this economic downturn which the government insists on calling a recession, has been weighing heavily on my mind. It is painful to me to see printers struggling and hear about some closing down. Printing is an equipment based business. It isn’t unusual for even small printers to have a million dollar investment in iron. Press payments still continue whether the press is working or not. Yikes.

At this Power of Words training I realized that I had been creating my own stress around the fear and worry that seems to be our current world. An amazing individual was introduced to the group. This young man was a professional public speaker and earns a seven figure income, giving 200 speeches a year. At that pace you would expect a robust, athletic person, so I was surprised when Chad Hymas wheeled in. Chad was seriously injured some years ago, which even after years and years of therapy, has recovered some limited use of his arms and hands, but not of his legs. A few seconds into his speech I realized that I was witnessing one of the most powerful, confident, and admirable human beings I had ever seen. Any thoughts I might have had of him being disabled were quickly dismissed. Sure, he had to have help doing many of the things we all do everyday for ourselves, but that didn’t make him disabled.

He told us that the doctors let his father break the news of his condition to him when he was in the hospital, but Chad’s father didn’t see him as disabled either. He told him to find his God given talent and he could achieve anything he wanted. His legs didn’t work, his arms and hands almost useless, but his mind was just fine. He decided on becoming a public speaker. And I’m very happy he did.

I caught myself moaning about the fate of the printing industry, and my own uncertain future, and here was Chad demonstrating with his life how to raise above our circumstances. I also realized that he is a model for how the entire country needs to be. This recession/depression would lift very quickly if we refused to participate in it. If we all took the attitude that nothing could defeat us. We need to shake off doubt, and fear, find our God given talents, and implement them for our good, the good of our families, companies, and the whole country.

Chad, my hat’s off to you. Thank you for helping me see how I was holding tension through fear and making matters worse.

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