Why Did I Add Page Four?

I apologize up front because I am about to rant. I’ve known about the documentary titled Who Killed the Electric Car? I’ve known about it and I knew the premise, but I’ve never actually seen it. Today we found it on YouTube and watched it all the way through. If you want to watch it, we’ve downloaded it to page four of this blog, to make it easy for you.

So why am I ranting about an old (4 years) documentary? I’ll tell you why. I’m ranting because the big three auto makers are crying for our money, the taxpayer money, to bail them out. Boo-hoo. They, in particular GM, had the technology to revolutionize the industry, and decrease pollutants in the bargain. They had it and tossed it away–no worse than that–they crushed and shredded it.

I don’t know about you, but I, if I had a say in it, wouldn’t give them a dime. Their idiotic behavior got them into it, let them spend their golden parachutes, and bonus money to get themselves out. Does this seem bitter? I’m not really bitter. I am angry and disappointed. I want to live in a better world than this, don’t you?

I’ve written more on this subject  that you can read at http://www.tenwaystofail.com/blog/.

The video has nothing to do with printing, so you were probably wondering why I posted it.  Two reasons, first I want you to check out the link Ten Ways to Fail, and two, the actions of the elite have caused the current financial crisis. I know many printers on the brink of closing their doors, and others who have already shut down. This has to stop. I think now is time that the corporate/government/oil people were taken to task. If we don’t do it now when we are hurting the most, when will we do it?

This country belongs to the people, all the people, not just the “special” ones at the top. Those people with the huge bank accounts polluted our water and air.  I want it stopped. Who’s with me? We have voices, let’s use them.

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