Polly-Wolly Google All A Day

Sorry about the bit of nonsense in the title. It made me laugh when I thought of it and even though you probably won’t have the same reaction at least there is one person in this world who is amused. If you find it funny then there will be two. Don’t we need a laugh today? Printing humor is not a hot topic, but I did find this cartoon on PhotoBucket. I think it’s funny, maybe you will too.

Talking Through My Hat was created with the idea that there are millions of people out there who need a little bit more information to make better printing choices. I learned about printing the same way a dog learns to swim–I was thrown into it. Either sink or swim. Was that your experience too, or is it your experience now? It doesn’t matter if you are a printing customer or a printer’s sales rep, being a greenie really sucks, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be great if someone (me) created a forum for you to learn the basics  without having to make all of the mistakes yourself?

Talking Through My Hat is relatively new on the scene, but I’m not. I’m a bit of a geezer in the business having been on one side of the press or the other for nearly forty years. I confess that I don’t know everything, but I’ve picked up a thing or two over the years. Printing for the time being is still ink on paper. My point here is that if you are a Sales Manager, Supervisor, Corporate Trainer, or leader of any type that needs to have your new people brought up to speed as quickly as possible, get them to follow my blog. I can help. And it’s free. Imagine that.

Back to today’s title. I am very impressed with Google. I was told recently about Google Analytics and so I added it to my blog. What it does is give me all kinds of information. If I want to know how many people are new to the blog and how many have come back multiple times–it tells me. If I want to know what words were used in a search to lead them to my blog–it tells me. If I want to know how long they stayed on my blog (bounce rate) before moving on–it tells me that too. One of the things I’m learning is that many of you find me through terms like: printers loupe, thick paper, and print broker. Google also offers tips on how to use the information to improve my blog and reach out to more people. The search terms tell me that I’m on the right track. You want the fundamentals, is that right? Whether you are an artist in an advertising agency, work in a marketing department, handle printing buys for a corporation, or sell for a printer you need to know the basics.

To this end I would encourage you to subscribe to the blog and raise questions or make comments when you need information. I’ll do my level best to provide what you need in plain talk. I really don’t believe that talking over someone’s head is very helpful, so I don’t do it.

Oh, and while I’m at it, vote on the poll to the right. I plan on doing a new one every month if it proves helpful.

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