Something Out of the Blue

Something totally unexpected came right out of the blue. You know that this blog has been going on for a short time, three weeks or so. I have been having a great time writing and my wife tells me that my style is engaging. But, you know wives, they, unless they’re mad at you, will say anything to keep their men happy. Since my wife works in the same office as I do, and since our chairs are back to back, and she could look over my shoulder at anytime to see what I’m writing, I have to be careful. Instead of flattery I could get a knock on the side of my head.

Anyway, back to the unexpected thing. I started this blog in the hope that I could pass along information I’ve learned over the last nearly forty some odd years in the printing business. I’ve thought about creating seminars and workshops to help companies do a better job buying printed materials. I’ve written and rewritten and am rewriting yet again a book I call Getting Stuff Printed. Forever writing, never publishing. Actually I did, years ago, have a publishing contract with a local firm, but before they got around to my book they went out of business. Rats! The easiest thing I’ve done so far is writing this blog. I love it. I thought that the blog as well as connections established through social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, would bring me into contact with people who need my wisdom and are willing to pay for it. So far, there hasn’t been much traffic in that area, but I got a phone call today that totally surprised me. I got an offer to write a blog for someone else. They like my style and feel that it is compatible with their existing blog. Can you imagine that? I started this in an effort to expand my print brokering business and instead I’m becoming a writer. Will wonders never cease? I hope not, wonders are what makes life worth living.

The other thing is that I am seeing hits from the far corners of the globe. Who would’ve thought that an age would come where someone sitting in an office in one of the less populated states in the union, could write about things happening in his daily life and someone thousands of miles away would check in? Did they find they find something in my business that relates to theirs? Can what I do in Utah have any relevance to what happens in printing in China? I guess so, and it seems so weird that it freaks me out. I will have readers that I will never meet, and who’s paths will never cross with mine if not for Web 2.0. It is a different world and I hope a better world. Maybe if we someday come to understand that we are the same in many ways, that my problems in my printing business are the same here as in France, or the Philippines, then we can back off just a little and not have so much to be angry about. After all, it was the invention of the printing press that started shrinking the world. Web 2.0 is just the next evolution. I wonder what the next one is.

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