Who’s Struggling More?

I’m not just talking through my hat here, but I sent a request out to my fellow printing professionals in the Linked In network. I said, “I have a list of some 90+ self publishers of books. I need to find printers with the lowest prices in the country, and out. Please send contact information and I’ll send bid specifications.”

One responded by writing, “This kind of ‘cheap’ behavior does nothing for our industry. If the lowest price is what you seek, then go East. As your work leaves your country, don’t forget to apologize to all the printers whom you put out of business. I’m sure your ‘sorry but’ will console them when they can’t pay their mortgages.”

I responded with, “It might surprise you to know that I totally agree with you, but many of these self-publishers are just working folks. They are funding their kitchen enterprises with their own hard earned dollars. They are trying to compete with publishers who can print thousands of books at a time. Most of them will fail and lose their entire investments. I’m just trying to soften the blow.”

Furthermore I’ve heard rumors that the traditional book publishing industry has halted taking on new authors. What are these authors to do? If they don’t self-publish they won’t be published–not at all.

We are all having difficult times right now. I blame the financial industry and their loosey-goosey business practices for destroying the system, but more than that, I blame the US congress for deregulating them. Didn’t we learn anything from the Great Depression? If I had my way, anyone associated with this mess would be stripped of all their ill-gotten gains. Golden parachutes–bah! And congress, everyone in congress should be dismissed without their pensions and lifetime health benefits. Let them live under the same circumstances the rest of us do. That’s fair isn’t it? Shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime?

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