Too Busy to Write, Too Busy to Plan

I’m not just talking through my hat here. January is already wrapping up and I don’t think we are completely through Christmas yet. It is a universal gripe that time goes too fast. I might as well add my voice to the chorus.

The thing is that all the pundits agree that successful businesses set goals, make plans to achieve them, and monitor their progress. Maybe that works well for big companies. Every time I call one of my particular customers he is in a meeting. I’m not sure what other work gets done but they can certainly do meetings. I can only assume that those meetings are for goal setting, planning, and progress updates.

In my business, I find that my days can get very complicated, very quickly. The very next phone call could change everything I was intending to do that day. Or maybe there is a problem on press that requires additional time to fix. I can’t leave the customer stranded there by themselves while I go off and do other work. Thank goodness for cell phones with email capabilities.

I’m fortunate to have a group of good customers who keep me busy doing my job. If any of my customers are reading this, thank you. Thank you for all that you do. Sometimes I get too busy to even say thanks. Darn me.

Also, if you are a reader of this blog please leave comments and also be sure to go to the RSS and sign up to automatically be notified with updates. I think that is the way it works. I’m trying to figure out how to get a “Follow Me” button installed to make it easier. If anyone can direct me on the hows to do it I would very much appreciate the input.

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