It Occurs to Me

I’m not just talking through my hat here. It occurs to me that I started this blog in an effort to help real people, ordinary folks, if you will, to learn something about getting stuff printed. Everyone at some point or another will have to have a flier, brochure, business card or something printed. The trouble is that they usually don’t have to do it often enough to remember from time-to-time what to do. Searching a blog like this won’t help much with that problem because a blog is a flowing stream. If you happen to catch the flow at precisely the right spot you win. If you don’t, the information might have reached the ocean.

So, I’m writing a book called “The Office Workers Guide To Getting Stuff Printed.” It should be available for sell very soon. With the guide you can keep it handy and look up parts as you need them. Good idea huh?

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