To Blog or Not to Blog?

I’m not just talking through my hat here. I belong to several professional groups inside of Linked In. I’m finding that Linked In is a great web tool for getting acquainted with fellow business people in my fields of interest. Recently I posed a question about this blog site. I asked relative strangers to check it out and give me their thoughts and advice.  I believe that since their comments were published on the Internet it would be okay to copy them here as well. If I’m wrong about that would someone please let me know? Or if any of the commentators want me to remove their words I won’t hesitate to do it. The comments are complete including any websites they may have included. I’m hoping I can repay the favor they’ve done me by pointing others to their sites.

Anyway here are some of the comments I’ve received to date:

Sharyn Dawson wrote:


I like the blog. You make some very good points. I find myself in the same whirlwind situations as you described almost every day. Luckily, I really enjoy what I do!

Joseph Langen wrote:

Hi Bill,
Welcome to blog world. I took a look at some of your blogs. For one you have a catchy theme which helps. Some blogs are just fancy ads for products. Yours gives readers something of value to think about. I think this is a real plus. You are giving rather than just taking. Writing a blog becomes easier with time. I hae been doing one, Conversations with Calliope ( for several years and look forward to it each morning. It’s second nature now and serves to prime my writing pump for the day. Best of luck with your blog. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.

Lauren Hayes wrote:

Hey Bill,
Great blog. I also have a blog about the label printing company I work for We have been blogging for a while now and think it is a great way to connect to people. It can be a lot of work in terms of finding topics, keeping it up to date, etc., but it can also drive a lot of traffic and provides people with useful information. Keep it up!

Bill Corcoran wrote:

hey bill
I’m thinking of starting one also so I’ve checked out yours. pretty cool blog,
seems like a lot of work though.

Benjamin Lukoff wrote:

I like your design. How’d you select your WordPress theme?

My wife is the techie in this household–she did it.

Joan Curtis wrote:

Hi Bill,

You are smart to start blogging. I recommend two books for you:

Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Isreal
Blogwild by Andy Wibbels.

Also, take a look at my blog ( Here’s another I like very much

Here are my suggestions on your blog:
1. It looks like you are blogging everyday and that’s great.
2. Change your artwork. It doesn’t seem upbeat enough. Barb’s blog above will give you and idea of what a blog ought to look like.
3. Make sure you categorize your posts. Yours are all “uncategorized.” Categorizing them will enable your readers to quickly go to blogs of certain topics.
4. Make sure you put lots of tags on the blogs so they’ll be picked up elsewhere.
5. Use photos to illustrate your message.
6. Begin your blog post with a question. Take a look at the blog I posted today.
7. Link your blog posts to Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media.

Keep up the good work!

Michelle Hutchinson (Greenberg)

I checked out your blog and I love your folksy writing style; it makes me feel like we’re old friends even though I’ve never met you. I did notice several typos and grammar and punctuation errors (sorry, I’m an editor and I just can’t help myself), so make sure you proofread (or have someone else proofread) your entries before you post them. For example, in the entry dated January 21, 2009, the title currently reads: Too Busy to Write, too Busy to Plan. The second ‘too’ in the title should be capitalized, so it is ‘Too.’ You also have a sentence that reads, “January is already wraping up…” Note that ‘wraping’ should be ‘wrapping’ (double p).

I also see that you are writing a book entitled, “The Office Workers Guide To Getting Stuff Printed.” Note that ‘Workers’ should be ‘Worker’s’ (with an apostrophe s).

Do you have an editor for your book? If not, I can work up a firm editing quote for you after I do a free sample edit of up to 2,500 words from the book. That also gives you a free opportunity to see what good editing can do for your manuscript.

Please feel free to check out my Web site at and/or contact me at

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